Termite Detection using a Termatrac T3i

We use state of the art technology to assist us with our termite inspections. We have on board the Termatrac T3i as well as the FLIR infra red thermal imaging camera to complement our termite inspections if required. The Termatrac T3i is a multi-function device which can detect motion, moisture and heat. The motion detector radar can detect termites tracking/moving, the heat detector detects the difference in temperature inside a wall that termites can generate and the mositure meter reads high levels of moisture in an area.

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The Termatrac T3i explained

The Termatrac T3i is a handheld device. The Termatrac cannot see inside the walls but its motion detection radar can accurately detect termite movement through most building materials. Its moisture sensor can identify high risk areas by recording concentrated presence of moisture and its thermal sensor can detect heat generated from termites within building structures. High moisture levels are a conducive condition for attracting termites as the moisture rots the timber releasing CO2, which is the scent trail that termites look for.

Termite inspection Termatrac t3i

Termatrac T3i device in action

The video below shows our termite inspector explaining how effectively the Termatrac works as it picks up the termite movement under the tiles.

Following on from the termite activity in the video, we carried out a thorough inspection of the commercial building locating all areas of termite activity, the termite technician decided baiting was the most effective treatment for the construction type. The termites were then successfully baited using Requiem bait.

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