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Termite LeadTermite lead Sunshine CoastOur technician was carrying out a termite inspection and found this termite lead in the sub-floor gaining access to the house above. We cannot stress enough the importance of not disturbing a termite lead, as first prize is for us to treat the lead and the treated termites then can travel back through the lead to the nest taking back with them a lethal dose of termiticide to transfer to the rest of the colony.

Active Termites

Termite activity sunshine coast

Our technician treated these termites found in a paperbark tree. These were active Schedorhinotermes, which are a very aggressive termite. It is best practice to chemically treat these termites as they are a very aggressive termite and as their numbers increase daily their food source (the paperbark tree) diminishes forcing them to look elsewhere for food

Active Termites Found in Above Ground Exterra Station

Termite activity Sunshine Coast

We found termite activity in a home when carrying out a termite inspection; we installed an above ground station and filled the station with Requiem Bait which termites find very palatable.  We monitored the station every two weeks re-filling it with Requiem bait.  The termites fed aggressively on the bait empting the stations and taking the bait back to the nest to feed the termite colony.  The Requiem bait is a chitin inhibitor; termites require chitin to harden their exoskeleton when they moult, without the chitin their exoskeleton cannot harden and the termites die.  After a couple of visits and noticing less and less termites we were eventually able to declare colony elimination.

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