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Rodent Control Sunshine CoastRats and mice are known to reproduce very quickly so we recommend treating any sign of rodent activity as soon as it is noticed.  Rats and mice are a health hazard to our community as they contaminate what they eat or come into contact with. They can carry and directly transmit diseases and can also pass it on to us humans and our pets through their fleas, lice and ticks.   


Interesting Rat facts;

  • A rat can produce up to 15,000 descendants in a year (Wow!!!)
  • A rat can squeeze through a hole one quarter of its size
  • A rat can gnaw through lead and aluminium sheeting

Why are rats a health risk?

Rats have a trait of marking their territory by urinating around their nest so it becomes a health risk when they make a home for themselves inside the roof void of your home or office.
Their hair, urine and faeces also spread contamination. Rodents can cause major damage to our homes, vehicles and offices as they can gnaw through cabling/electrical wires which can result in costly bills and could potentially cause a fire.   

A story about rats we can all remember being told when we were younger was the famous Pied Piper a historic tale about the rat catcher who led away a rat infestation with enchanted music. Our pest technicians adopt a different method for rodent removal. We use rodent bait in various types of rodent traps / rodent stations. Below left is a picture of a rodent bait station we have installed and you can the bait has been consumed and the picture on the right shows what we aim for – Rodent Control.

Bait eaten in rodent bait station

rodent control

The result rodent control








Rodents can during all seasons invade our homes, vehicles and commercial properties.  You may realise you have rodents by hearing that awful squeaking, gnawing, scratching and scuttling sounds in your ceilings, walls or under floors or noticing evidence of droppings.  

Rats and mice reproduce rapidly

We have had customers who thought the odd mouse or baby rat looked cute until they realised how quickly they multiply.  Rodents reproduce rapidly so it is very important to get rid of them as soon as you hear or see them; we find rodents generally come in waves and if there is one or two you can be guaranteed there will be more.   Rodents can cause extensive damage if they eat through wires not to mention from a hygiene perspective they are a health risk as they pollute/contaminate everything they come into contact with and cause a terrible smell.

Wiring chewed by rodents

We offer treatments for domestic rodent control as well as commercial rodent control; so if you think you have seen or heard a rat or mouse contact our friendly team for an obligation free quote and advice.

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