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Do you think you have a possum in your roof?  Are you hearing loud thumping noises coming for your roof at night?  You don’t want a possum to make its home in your roof.  We are experienced and licensed to relocate possums, our quotes are obligation free.

How do we trap a possum?

Trap possum Sunshine Coast

Possums are creatures of habit and it does not take them long to make a home inside your roof and they will return night after night.  They are noisy and cause a disturbance and will leave droppings and will urinate inside your roof void.  It is best for us to trap the possum and relocate it out of your roof.  By law we need to release it within 25 meters from where we have captured the possum. Prior to releasing the possum we block up the hole it has been using to climb into your roof and once the possum realises it cannot get back into your roof it will make itself another home; in some cases we help the possum with a new home by placing a wooden box in a nearby tree to encourage it to settle quicker.  First prize is to have a possum living outdoors in its natural environment and not being a nuisance inside your roof. If you think you have a possum in your roof contact us and we will come out to your home and inspect your roof void and give you an obligation free quote to relocate the possum.

Possums are territorial they will stay in your roof until they are removed

Possum removal sunshine coast

We capture and relocate possums ensuring the minimal possible injury and stress to the possum.  We are licensed to remove possums and relocate them using a non-harmful possum trap if necessary.  Brushtail possums are the most common wildlife animals in Queensland residential and commercial areas.  This native mammal shares our space in built up areas, it is not uncommon to have possums living in the trees in your gardens.  However if a possum takes shelter in your roof contact us and we will utilise our possum control skills to get rid of the possum from your home and relocate it to a more suited natural habitat.  Possums are wild animals and it is definitely not recommended to try and catch them yourself.  The possums are a protected species and all licences are issued and all captures are monitored by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

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