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Are fleas biting you?  Is your home overrun by fleas?  We are experienced in eradicating flea infestations, ask us how.



We carry out flea treatments for customers who are experiencing flea infestations and also for customers who are moving out of their rental property and require an end of lease flea pest control service. Many lease agreements stipulate if you have had pets that at the end of the tenancy you are required to carry out an internal and external pest control service for fleas

How do we solve a flea problem?

It is important when we treat a property that has a flea infestation we work together with our customers to ensure optimum results.  
We will require our customer to carry out the following;

  • prior to the service any turfed area is cut back as short as possible
  • prior to the treatment vacuum all floors and furniture, not only does this remove eggs and fleas from the carpeted areas but it also opens up the carpet piles which allows for our product to get deeper into where the larvae is and results in a more effective treatment.  We recommend you double bag the vacuum bag and throw it away or if you have a bagless vacuum cleaner we can treat the vacuum cleaner when carrying out the flea pest control service
  • any pets on the property are treated for fleas on the day of our service

Due to the cycle of the fleas we carry out a thorough and intense internal and external treatment knocking down the live fleas, we also apply a growth regulating product which aims at eliminating the flea cycle when the eggs hatch targeting the larvae.  It does take time to control a flea infestation and it’s important to work together to achieve a favourable result.

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