Winged termites swarm the Sunshine Coast

Flying termites swarm homes on the Sunshine Coast! Have you noticed flying ants around your home; congregating around your lights or finding flying ant wings in your dogs water bowls or swimming pool? We have seen and had reports of flying ants in and around homes on the Sunshine Coast and customers uncertain and concerned whether they are termites or ants.

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Exterra Baiting and Monitoring Termite Management System

We have recommended and installed the Exterra Baiting & Monitoring system to many homes and complexes on the Sunshine Coast. Termites can cause very costly damage to home owners and it is important to know what is available to protect your home. This post will help you understand more about the Exterra Baiting & Monitoring system. Read more

Brush-Turkey Captured and Safely Removed

Brush-turkeys are commonly referred to as pests as when they make your garden their home they create havoc and give us home owners a big job continually trying to clean up the mess they cause. It is on-going as no sooner do you neaten up your garden they simple destroy it again. As the brush-turkeys are protected they need to be safely and humanly captured and relocated to an appropriate environment.

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Form 16 for Termite Protection

Termites also known as white ants cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and buildings in Australia. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has enforced that any alterations to existing homes require a form of termite management to be installed to deter termite attack.

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Flea treatments Sunshine Coast

Are fleas biting you?  Is your home overrun by fleas?  We are experienced in eradicating flea infestations, ask us how. Read more

Get Rid Of Bees and Wasps Safely

Bees and wasps can be found on the Sunshine Coast around your home and workplace. It can be quiet distressing seeing bees and wasps flying around as some people are highly allergic to bee stings and wasp stings can be very painful. We do recommend to stay clear of the bees and wasps and try not shoo them away by waving your arms around as this can aggravate them and wasps are known to be aggressive.

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Termite Detection using a Termatrac T3i

We use state of the art technology to assist us with our termite inspections. We have on board the Termatrac T3i as well as the FLIR infra red thermal imaging camera to complement our termite inspections if required. The Termatrac T3i is a multi-function device which can detect motion, moisture and heat. The motion detector radar can detect termites tracking/moving, the heat detector detects the difference in temperature inside a wall that termites can generate and the mositure meter reads high levels of moisture in an area.

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Possum captured and safely removed in Caloundra

This week our team safely captured and removed a possum from a commercial building in Caloundra. The trapped possum was the common ringtail possum. The possum had managed to find a way into the ceiling area above the offices. After capturing the possum we safely released it in the park next door and sealed up his entry point.

Possum removal Caloundra
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How to Prevent and Get Rid of Cockroaches

get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches are attracted by food, moisture and shelter, there are many ways cockroaches get into homes and commercial properties. Cockroaches gain access through open doors and windows however they can also get entry through vents, drain pipes, cracks or they can be brought inside with items for example – inside a box of produce, food or drink. Cockroaches are nocturnal, they are good at hiding and generally come out at night or when things are dark and quiet. Often people don’t realise they have cockroaches until they find the cockroach droppings. In this post we discuss ways to prevent cockroaches and how to get rid of cockroaches.

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How to Prevent and Get Rid of Rodents

As the weather cools rats and mice come inside in search of warmth and shelter. We notice the calls for rodent treatments increase during the cooler months. Customers hear scuttling in their ceilings, walls & under their floors and some see rodent droppings. It is extremely important to get rid of rats and mice when you first detect them as they reproduce very quickly. There will never be only one rat or one mouse – did you know a rat can produce up to 15000 off springs in a year!

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