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Are ants invading you home?  Are ants annoying you?  Do you have an ant infestation? We carry out a thorough and intense ant treatment aiming to knock down the ant nests to achieve a successful result with customers wishing they had contacted us sooner!  

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How do we eradicate ants?

Ants are a nuisance pest when they are tracking in and around our home, gardens and work place.  We carry out a thorough and intense ant treatments aiming to knock down the ant nests to achieve a successful result.
Once our technician has completed an inspection of the property he will plan his treatment.  Our treatment plan depends on a number of factors; we look at building design and construction techniques & surrounding conditions.    If we can locate the ant nests we treat the ant nests outside for ant control inside; as many ants travel from their nests outside to forage for food and water inside.

We will spray the external perimeter of your home and dust your weepholes.  We will also treat internally.

The video below shows how the ants are dropping and dying within minutes of us dusting a wall void targeting a known ant nest; we were able to blow dust with a blowing machine through the weepholes.  The video shows the ants leaving the wall void to try escape the dust, it shows how effective wall void dusting treatments are;


What tips can you do to help prevent ants?

While our ant treatments are very effective we have listed below some housekeeping tips to help prevent ants;

  • Clean up food spills and crumbs and do not leave out dirty dishes
  • Keep food and left overs in sealed containers / bags
  • If your pet food is attracting ants place the food bowl in a larger bowl of water which the ants can’t cross
  • Empty out inside bins and keep waste bags sealed and in closed bins
  • Cut back any plants / vegetation that are touching the external building edges to avoid the ants tracking onto the walls
  • Seal up any small holes in external walls, doors and windows

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Ants are a nuisance pest, many homes and commercial properties are infested with ants, tracking up external walls, along patios, in bathrooms and in kitchens.  To solve an ant infestation you need to treat the source – the nest.  In some cases it is difficult to find the nest so we treat the ants and external areas where the ants track over, unbeknown to the ants they are picking up the product taking it back to the nest and transferring  it amongst the colony in turn eliminating the ant colony.   We use the product Termidor when treating for ants and rely on their very effective ‘transfer effect’; the video below shows just why it works so well; we are accredited Termidor applicators.


Our ant treatments are family and pet safe

We achieve great results with our treatments with many happy customers, below are some feedback / comments from our customers;

  • ‘Wish we had used you sooner’
  • ‘I did not believe you would achieve such a good result’
  • ‘You did an excellent job of eliminating our ants’
  • ‘Wish I had not wasted by time and money on all the do-it yourself treatments’
  • ‘The ants are all gone – the best thing I have ever found out about!!!  Please can we book in to get an annual termite inspection done – as we want to use you guys for everything now’

Ants are pest controllers number one pest as well as homeowners, if the ants in and around your home are annoying you contact us for an obligation free quote.

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