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Our business, Kawana’s Top Choice Pest Control specialises in all aspects of pest management, termite inspections and termite treatments servicing the residential and commercial fields in the Sunshine Coast. We have been operating on the Sunshine Coast since 2005 and in Brisbane since 2000. All the products used by our professional technicians are to Australian Standards and Specifications and the products we use have low toxicity making them family and pet safe. We carry out our services with the utmost pride and professionalism offering quality workmanship and impressive customer service. We welcome you to browse our website and look forward to meeting and working with you.

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We have created this short video slide to show you the various services our technicians carry out on site, we carry out pest control services and termite control services to both residential and commercial customers;

  • Our general pest control service will target your common pests; cockroaches, silverfish, ants and webbing spiders
  • During our general pest control service we carry out an external perimeter spray, we apply dust to the roof void and carry out a crack and crevice dusting treatment, a liquid skirting treatment plus the use of insect growth regulating gel where appropriate
  • We also carry out services to treat the following pests; ant infestations, bedbugs, rodents, fleas, sandflies, moths, wasps and wasp nests, removal of possums and brush turkeys
  • All products applied by Kawana’s Top Choice Pest Control for your pest control service have been thoroughly tested and approved by Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
  • Slide # 5 shows our pest technician carrying out a pest control service to the external areas of the home spraying for spiders and ants
  • Slide # 6 shows our pest technician carrying out an internal pest control service to a home treating for cockroaches and spiders

  • We carry out termite inspections and termite treatments for residential and commercial customers
  • We can complement our visual termite inspections with using the technology of a Termitrac T3i and a FLIR Thermal Imaging / Infra-red camera
  • Slide # 3 shows our termite technician pumping termiticide into the holes he has drilled for a chemical treatment zone he is installing
  • Slide # 4 shows our termite technician drilling the holes for the chemical treatment zone he is installing, these holes are drilled 200mm apart in accordance with the Australian Standards

When carrying your pest control service, termite treatments and termite inspections we take pride in our quality and standard of service and look forward to demonstrating this to you

Termx termite replenishment system

Exterra Baiting and Monitoring System

Termatrac pest inspection

Termidor termite barrier

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