Winged termites swarm the Sunshine Coast

We have had many reports of customers having flying ants invade their homes over the past month and concerned whether they are termites or ants. You can determine whether they are termite reproductives or ants by the picture of each and a description of their differences below;


Ants with wings

  • long legs
  • two sets of odd sized wings
  • narrow constricted waist
  • elbowed antennae

Termites with Wings

  • short legs
  • two sets of even sized wings
  • broad waist
  • straight beaded antennae

The termite reproductives are the young potential king and queen termites that leave the termite colony to start new colonies. They have wings to help them disperse and they loose them after they mate. They usually emerge on a moist warm day, especially after a rain storm. If your home is invaded by the future king and queen termites you at risk of a new colony starting. This is one of the reasons we recommend regular termite inspections and encourage our customers to be vigilant with ensuring the conducive conditions for termite attack in and around their home are kept to a minimum.