West Indian drywood termite treatment in Queensland

I posted a blog back in March discussing the fact that the since the 1960’s the State Government has paid for the treatment of timber infested by the West Indian drywood termites and Bio Security Queensland was in the process of reviewing whether it is the Governments responsibility to continue to manage the pest.

The State Government has decided to continue with the existing program of finding and exterminating the West Indian drywood termite. The West Indian drywood termite is considered to be the most destructive drywood termite and has caused considerable damage in Maryborough; it has also been found and caused damage in Bundaberg, Brisbane, Rockhampton and Townsville.

Below is a link to a recent article published in the Bundaberg News Mail;

West Indian drywood termite treatment in Queensland

I think home owners will be very happy knowing that the State Government will continue to organise and pay for all surveillance and treatment for the notorious West Indian drywood termite ~ the tiny pest that is a threat to Queensland!