Tips to help you prevent termite attack

Termites are a huge threat to homes in Australia and an even higher risk in Queensland with our climate.  Statistics show that 1 in 5 buildings will be attacked by termites.  The Australian Standards recommend a minimum of one termite inspection a year be carried out and at more frequent intervals if deemed necessary by the termite manager.  There are many tips we can offer to help prevent termite attack; and this is done by reducing the conducive conditions in and around your home;

  • ensure any aircon or hot water overflows are plumbed into drains; we often find the overflows draining to the base of the building which creates a possible moisture source for termites
  • ensure that you do not have vegetation built up against the building edges
  • remove any stored items from against the building edge
  • remove any debris and timber from sub-floor areas
  • ensure any leaking taps are repaired
  • ensure any broken or damaged down pipes are repaired
  • ensure that weepholes are all clear and ground level is cleared away to approximately 50-75mm below weepholes

The above are a few housekeeping tips which could help you in not attracting termites to your home. 

If you do think you have found termites it is best NOT TO DISTURB them as if you break a lead the termites go back to ground which makes if harder and sometimes impossible to treat.

Contact us if you would like to discuss protecting your home against termites, all our advice is obligation free.  

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