Thermal Imaging Camera

We use a Thermal Imaging Camera and a Termtrac T3i to complement our visual termite inspections. To the left is an image of our thermal camera.  Thermal imaging cameras are also known as infrared cameras.  Thermal imaging cameras work by detecting the heat given off by the termites.  Thermal imaging shows what the human eye cannot see.  If we suspect termite activity when carrying out our termite inspection our technician will use the thermal imaging camera to diagnose the termite activity in a non-destructive / non-invasive manner; this will assist us with offering the most suited action to be taken when planning your termite treatment.
Below are some thermal images which have been taken during pest inspections showing termite activity in various areas of the home. The infrared camera can scan the entire area and will pick up the heat generated by the termites. This would never be picked up by the naked eye!  We have invested in the most technologically advanced equipment available to ensure we can deliver the optimum service and results for our customers to ensure the best termite control for their home or business.
Termites thermal imaging

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