Thermal Camera Inspection

Our termite pest inspections are complemented, if required with the use of a Thermal Imaging Camera and/or a Termatrac T3i.  Infrared imaging technology allows for temperature (thermal) evaluation of the building.  Thermal imaging, also known as infrared, is being successfully used to detect the heat patterns from the termite colonies in floors, walls and ceiling spaces of buildings.  Thermal imaging shows what the naked eye cannot see.
infra-red cameraWhen carrying out a termite inspection, if our technician suspects termites he will use the thermal imaging camera to diagnose the termite activity.  By using the thermal camera, this diagnosis is carried out in a non-invasive / non-destructive manner.  We have invested in this state of the art technology to offer our customers the best service possible when carrying out a pest inspection of their home or work place.  Our customers can be confident in the inspection we perform and with the advice and recommendations we offer.  Be vigilant and ensure you have your recommended termite inspections carried out as prevention is better than cure, ensure you protect your number one investment from termite attack!
Thermal image camera

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