Termite Control Sunshine Coast

We offer comprehensive termite control services;

  • preventative termite treatments  
  • termite inspections 
  • treating active termites 
  • chemical treatment zone installations 
  • baiting and monitoring systems

Termite control sunshine coast

Statistically one in three properties will be attacked by termites. Termites are aggressive feeders and multiply rapidly. They feed on timber; stumps in your yard, studs in your walls, trusses in your roof, skirtings, doors frames, window sills, the list is endless. Undetected termites can cause costly damage to your home in a very short time. We recommend regular termite inspections to reduce your risk of termite attack. Our highly qualified technicians use state of the art technology together with years of experience to track and detect termites. Based on our findings of your inspection we will recommend the best practice termite treatment or termite control. All our termite inspections and termite treatments are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 3660.2


termatrac t3i

We use the latest technology available ~ The Termatrac T3i to complement our visual inspection, this is a mutli-function device with;

  • Motion Detection Radar ~ using an ultrasonic radar this can accurately detect termites through most building materials
  • Moisture Sensor ~ accurately records the concentrated presence of moisture indentifying high risk areas
  • Thermal Sensor ~ accurately detects the heat generated by termites within building structures




Pest Inspection Sunshine Coast

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera

We use state of the art technology ~ The FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, also referred to as an infrared camera. Thermal imaging shows what the human eye cannot see. Thermal imaging works by detecting the heat generated by the foraging termites. Below are thermal images showing termite activities in various areas of the home.

If we suspect termite activity when carrying out a termite inspection our technician will scan the area with our thermal camera to diagnose the termite activity in a non-destructive / non-invasive manner to assist us in ensuring we deliver optimum service and results.

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