Termites – termite treatment and termite control to protect your home

Termites (also known as white ants) are rife on the Sunshine Coast, and the best protection for your home against termite damage is to have annual termite inspections by a qualified technician who has termite experience.   The statistics show that in Australia one in three buildings will be affected by subterranean termites.  Some of the reasons why so much damage is caused by subterranean termites are;

  • quite often they gain entry to the timbers without being detected and when they are eventually found they have caused destructive damage.  
  • they are very effective at concealing their presence; they eat the timber from the inside out and we don’t realise they are present until you notice the hollow remains.
    It is important as a home owner to be aware of termite risk and regularly inspect your home for signs of termite activity.
    Identifying factors to help you as a home owner;

    • mud tubes
    • groups of winged insects (swarmers) or discarded wings
    • damaged timber

    Catching termite infestation early can save you as homeowner a lot of money.  It is very important that if you discover an active infestation do not disturb the termite workings as the termites may withdraw temporarily and prevent effective treatment.

    Termites pose a massive threat to your home which is one of the largest investments you may have.  Be vigilant and if you think you have termites, contact us and one of our experienced technicians can carry out a termite inspection and advise you of your options for termite eradication and/or termite management for your home.  We service and install various termite management options;

    • Baiting and monitoring systems
    • Chemical barriers

    The system/s we recommend will be determined by the site, building design and structure of your home to successfully manage and prevent termite infestation.

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