Termites found in Minyama on the Sunshine Coast

We have recently been called to investigate termite activity found in the garden areas of two homes in Minyama on the Sunshine Coast. On both occasions we have carried out termite inspections to the homes and have found active termites in the wall voids. In the one home the termite activity was found in the wall voids through 3 rooms and in the other home the termite activity extended from the garage, through two bedrooms, the bathroom and into the laundry.
We treated the termite activity by foaming the wall voids with Termidor and after two weeks once we could confirm the termite activity had ceased we installed complete and continuous Termidor barriers around the perimeter of both homes by way of drill and inject & trench and flood. The termite activity found in both homes was widespread and the owners had no idea that the termites had been silently eating the timbers in their homes. It is extremely important to have your regular pest inspections to ensure you do not have termites. We will also give you advice on ways you can minimise your risk of termite attack.
Termidor termite barrier