Termite Treatments using Termidor

Termidor is one of the termiticides we recommend and use when carrying out termite treatments, including termite barriers.  We will recommend carrying out a termite inspection when we perform remedial/partial termite treatments to be able to provide you with peace of mind that the termites are not elsewhere in your home and we will always carry out a termite inspection prior to installation of any Termite Management Systems.
Termidor is fipronil based and manufactured by BASF.  As termites are very social, Termidor uses a ‘transfer effect’ ~ the product is transferred between the termites / white ants, and taken back to the nest to eliminate the colony.  We are very comfortable in recommending Termidor as we believe it offers an excellent termite protection for your home against termite attack and termite damage.  Below is a YouTube Video which has is worth the watch.  It is a short video on how effective Termidor is.

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