Termite treatment in Buderim

We currently monitor an Exterra Termite Baiting & Monitoring System in a home in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.  In the photo’s below you can see one of the stations that are active with Schedorhinotermes Termites.  The Exterra Management system works by installing monitoring stations around the building at 3 meter intervals creating a complete termite interception zone.  Each station contains timbers and focus attracting nearby foraging termites, the stations are monitored and when termite activity is found in the stations the focus is replaced with Requiem Bait.  The termites find the Requiem bait very palatable.   The Requiem bait is a chitin inhibitor; termites require chitin to harden their exoskeleton when they moult, without the chitin the exoskeleton cannot harden and the termite dies.  Once we find no further termites feeding in the stations we have achieved colony elimination and we remove any remaining bait and place timbers and focus back into the stations and continue with our monitoring cycle.

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It is extremely important to have your regular termite inspections.