Termite Pest Inspections

Regular termite inspections is a necessity in protecting timbers from termite attack!  No property is safe from termites; your home can provide natural shelter and a food source for termites.  It is strongly recommended you have regular termite inspections; Australian Standards recommend at least every 12 months and some homes even more frequently depending on the environmental pressures affecting/surrounding the home.
Below is a listing of a few maintenance tips/advice to help protect your home against termites;

  • ensure the edge of your concrete slab is always exposed and not covered by soil or vegetation or pathways so as not to allow for concealed entry by termites
  • ensure all overflow pipes from hot water services and aircon units are directed into drains
  • ensure any leaks and poor drainage is repaired
  • any timber in direct contact with soil should be removed from under and around the building

Adhering to the above measures can reduce conditions conducive to termite attack and help minimise the risk of termite infestation.  First prize is a full termite inspection of your home and we will provide you with an electronic report and recommendations to suit your home.