Termite Inspections

To optimise termite control in your home, we recommend you have regular termite inspections. The Australian Standards recommend a minimum of one inspection a year but in high termite pressure areas the frequency can be increased. Termites (also known as white ants) usually gain access to the timbers through concealed areas and may only be noticed or found after they have caused considerable damage. If your home is a ‘slab on ground’ they can gain access through joints and cracks and are more likely to be un-detected than a home with a ‘sub-floor’.

The picture to the left shows inside a sub-floor. When we carry out a termite inspection we access all possible areas of the sub-floor by crawling through looking for termite entry points; the picture to the right shows a large subterranean termite lead gaining access to the home above causing extensive damage. Our advice to our customer is termite prevention ~ be aware of the risks and have regular inspections.

We use state of the art technology – a Termatrac T3i, to compliment our visual termite inspection. This is a multi-function device which has;

  • Termite Detection Radar – using an ultrasonic radar this can accurately detect termites through most building materials
  • Moisture Sensor – accurately records the concentrated presence of moisture identifying risk areas
  • Thermal Sensor – accurately detects the heat generated by termites within the building structures

Our termite inspection and report is completed in accordance with the Australian Standards 3660.2. We will advise you of any termite risks and if required recommend any termite treatments or preventative termite treatments offering you the best termite management for your home.

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