Termite Infestation article published by Sunshine Coast Daily

This week the Sunshine Coast Daily published an article on termite infestations;

Sunshine Coast Daily – Termite Infestation article dated 6th June 2016

Two very interesting and concerning statements made were;

  • collectively termites, or white ants, do more damage to homes across the country than fire, floods and storms combined
  • about a third of buildings in Queensland are not protected from termites

It is mandatory that any new building or building alteration has a termite management system in place.  If your home does not have a termite management system we can provide you with an obligation free quote and advice on the best methods to protect your home.  It is also very important to maintain regular termite inspections of your home; Australian Standards recommend inspections be carried out at a minimum of 12 monthly intervals or more frequent as deemed necessary by the termite manager.