Termite Damage – Sunshine Coast

Termites are known as silent destroyers as they attack the timbers in your home without you even knowing. Termites are subterranean you cannot see them as they live and travel underground. Termites can enter your home in various ways through; unprotected plumbing and electrical penetrations, ground level built up over weepholes and termite protected areas, cracks in slabs, unprotected home extensions/slabs to name a few. They will work in the wall voids eating away at the timbers leaving the exterior looking in tact however very soft and brittle to the touch, which is one of the ways people notice them when the timber gives way. In some cases extensive damage has happened by then! If you suspect or notice termite activity or termite damage it is best not to disturb them and call a termite manager to investigate as if you break a termite lead the termites go straight back to ground and pop up elsewhere at a later stage, whereas if they are in the lead and active you have a higher success rate in treating and getting rid of the termites. The termites can either be treated chemically or by baiting. Either treatment is very effective and the termite manager will recommend the treatment he feels best suited for the situation.
Below is a picture of an inactive nest we pulled apart out of a roof void after successfully baiting termites we found.
Termite Damaage Sunshine Coast