Termite Control ~ White Ant Control

We recommend regular termite inspections of your home or workplace to offer optimum termite control.  Termites are rife in Queensland and statistically one in three buildings are at risk of termite attack.  When you think of a road with 50 homes that would equate to at least 16 homes that could be at risk of termite invasion ~ would you be willing to bet against the odds?  Generally speaking we would advise termite inspections be carried out annually, however in high termite pressure areas the frequency can be increased.
We carry out thorough termite inspections in accordance with the Australian Standards and have a Termatrac T3i and a Thermal Imaging Camera to assist us should we require to utilize this state of the art technology during the inspection.  We will always give recommendations based on our findings on how to minimise any termite risk around your home and building.  If required we will also recommend and provide a quote for termite treatment (white ant treatment) to offer the best termite prevention and termite protection for your home or workplace.  This may be by way of termite chemical barrier or termite baiting and monitoring system.
If you notice termite damage to stumps (as shown in the picture below) or termite nests (as shown in the photo to the right) in your garden or around your neighbourhood, please give us a call as if the termites are near you it maybe a good idea to get some expert advice for termite protection; our advice is obligation free.

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