Termite Control – Termite Inspections

Are you having regular termite inspections to ensure your home has the best termite control measures in place?  All homes are at risk of termite attack; statistically one in three homes in Australia is attacked by termites.  Undetected termites can cause costly damage – why risk it?
Termites are social insects working and living together in colonies, each colony contains three castes (types) which differ in body shapes and sizes.  They are workers, soldiers and reproductives.
The workers dominate the colony numerically feeding the soldiers and reproductives.  The soldiers defend the colony. The reproductives are the potential future kings and queens, they have wings so are able to fly and disperse and create new colonies.  A queen can produce up to 2000 eggs per day.
To summarise termites multiply rapidly and are aggressive feeders, we cannot stress enough the importance of ensuing your home has regular termite inspections.  Not only do we carry out a thorough termite inspection but we also point out all conditions in and around you home that are conducive to termite attack with recommendations to reduce the risk.

Don’t take the risk on your largest investment!

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