Termite Control – Termite activity found

During our pest inspections one of the things we look for is termite activity or termite damage. This indicates whether there are currently termites on the property or if there at some stage has been termites. If there is termite activity we treat the termites either chemically with Termidor foam or Termidor dust or with bait; and the method chosen by our technician is mainly determined by the construction techniques of the property. We will also recommend a termite management system be installed to reduce the risk of further termite attack.
It is extremely important to be vigilant with having your termite inspections carried out and also to implement the recommendations we give to help reduce any conditions in and around your home that are conducive to termite attack. Below are some photos we have taken on site of termite activity and damage we have found.

termite lead
The above picture is of a termite lead we have found. If you find a termite lead in your home it is very important that you do not break the lead as the termites will go to ground and pop up somewhere else; where as if you leave the lead in tact we can treat the termites far more effectively.

termites tracking
Above you can see termites we found tracking to the roof in a wall void

termite damage
The above damage has been caused by termites to a structural beam.

Termites are ruthless they can cause severe damage contact us if you would like a termite inspection carried out at your home or business or if you would like a quote for a termite management system. Our quotes and advice are obligation free.