Termite Control

Do you have annual termite inspections and termite managements systems installed to offer your home or business the best termite protection to eliminate termite damage?  Prevention is better than cure,  Statistics in Australia show that one in three buildings are likely to be affected by white ant attack.  When we carry out a termite inspection, we complement our visual inspection with the use of state of the art technology a Termitrac T3i, (as shown in the photo below).
termite pest inspectionOur termite inspections are extremely thorough and carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards 3660.2-2000.  We offer recommendations and advice to our customers to eliminate conducive conditions that favour termite infestation; to list a few;

  • poor ventilation
  • damp and/or leaks
  • removal or re-arrange of unnecessary debris/materials against buildings or fences
  • ensure slab edge is exposed – remove built-up gardens and shrubbery close to perimeter of building
  • ensure ground level ie. garden beds and slabs are below weep hole height

If we feel there is a risk of termite infestation, for example due to building construction; it is our duty of care and best practice to recommend and provide a quotation for a termite management system.  This termite treatment may be offered by way of a termite chemical barrier or a termite baiting and monitoring system.  Each termite management proposal is tailored to best suit each individual building/structure. Our termite management systems are very competitively priced.

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