Termite Control

It is recommended to have pest inspections carried out to prevent termite attack.  Our thorough termite inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards AS3660.2.  It is recommended that the pest inspections are carried out annually and in some instances  more frequently.  Following the termite inspection we provide an electronic report documenting our findings and recommendations to reduce conditions conducive to termite pressure in and around the structure.  We will also recommend the best suited termite management system. The termite management systems effectively reduce the possibility of concealed access of termites to the building and eliminate termite colonies. The systems work in different ways and are recommended based on construction design and termite pressure on the building.
A Termidor Chemical Barrier works by way of the ‘transfer effect’.  When a termite crosses a treated zone (chemical barrier) it comes into contact with Termidor, when the termite returns to the nest it transfers the Termidor to the colony through feeding and grooming.  Any termite that comes into contact with Termidor will die. 


The Exterra Baiting & Monitoring System works by termites being attracted into the monitoring stations.  When termite activity is found in the station, Requiem bait is placed into the station which the termites find irresistible and very palatable.  When the termites return to the nest they feed the Requiem through the colony.  Requiem prohibits the termite from making chitin and when the termite moults it needs chitin to harden the new exo-skeleton, without an exo-skeleton the termite dies.Exterra Baiting and Monitoring System

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