termites requiem bait

Termite Control

One of the termite control management systems we install is the Exterra Interception and Baiting System. The active ingredient for the Exterra System is Chlorfluazuron; this has extensively been proven to be an environmentally safe product. The Exterra system safely eliminates termites. As Exterra is environmentally friendly they have partnered with Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

The system works two ways;

  • A monitoring/interception system – stations which are monitored every 6-8 weeks for termite activity
  • A baiting system – baiting stations every 3-6 weeks if termite activity is found.

Inside the monitoring stations we place timber and focus which are an attractant for termites. If we find termite activity when monitoring the stations we place Requiem bait into the stations. Termites find the bait very palatable and feed on the bait and stop feeding on the home. Due to the social structure of the termite colony the ‘workers’ will take the bait back to the nest and feed the greater colony killing the queen. The Requiem contains a chitin inhibitor which when termites moult prevent the termites new exo-skeleton from hardening and as a result the termites life cycle comes to an end. This achieves colony elimination. We then remove any left over Requiem bait and replace it with timbers and focus in the stations and continue the monitoring of the stations to prevent new colonies taking over the old workings and leads; and so the termite control continues.

termite activity requiem bait

In ground station baited with Requiem and termites actively feeding

termites requiem bait

Above ground station placed on a skirting board that has been totally eaten out by termites – a good sign