Termite baiting and monitoring treatment using the Exterra System

We have many homes and unit complexes where we have installed the Exterra Termite Baiting and Interception System to. This is a very effective system which is designed to attract the termites in the nearby vicinity into the stations which are stocked with timbers rather than being attracted to your home. The stations are installed around the home and are monitored regularly and if we find termites in the stations we then replace the timbers with Requiem bait. The termites find the Requiem bait extremely palatable and this is taken back to the nest and fed throughout the colony. The Requiem bait contains a chitin inhibitor; termites require chitin to harden their exoskeleton when they moult – without the exoskeleton the termites die. Once we find no more termites feeding in the station we can declare colony elimination and we remove the bait from the station and replace it with the timbers and maintain the monitoring of the stations.
Below are some photo’s of termites aggressively feeding on the requiem bait in a station

ermite activity sunshine coast
Termites feeding on Requiem Bait

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