Rodents – controlling rats and mice

As the weather cools rats and mice come indoors to seek warmth resulting in calls from commercial and residential customers asking us to solve their rodent problem. We install and bait rodent stations. The rats and mice eat the bait as they find it very palatable which causes them to die and inturn exterminates the rodent colony. Rodents are very tough pests they can live without water longer than a camel.
Rodents are a health risk; not only do rats and mice carry disease but they can transmit it to us and our pets. They can also cause severe damage by gnawing through electrical wires in homes, cars and workplaces (below is a photo of this damage); this can result in fires As rodents reproduce very rapidly it is extremely important to treat the problem when it first arises ~ did you know a rat can produce up to 15000 off springs in a year!! If you have seen a rat or mouse or heard a scuttling noise in your roof or wall cavities contact us.


Rodent damage

Electrical wiring damaged by rats

Rodent control

Dead mouse found after eating our bait

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