Rodent Pest Control – Treating Rats and Mice

Are you hearing rats and mice scurrying around inside your roof void or wall cavities?  As rats and mice reproduce extremely quickly it is advisable to treat the problem when you first notice it.  Rats and mice are a health risk as they invade our homes and workplace and contaminate what they eat or come in contact with, which can transmit disease to us humans as well as our pets.  Rodents can also cause major damage to our homes, offices and vehicles as they gnaw through the electrical wires not only causing costly repair bills but it can also result in causing fires.  As our weather is cooling now we will notice rats and mice coming indoors looking for warmth.  If you suspect you have rats and mice please contact us and we will recommend the best treatment for you.  We carry out Rodent pest control services in both the residential and commercial environments.