Rodent Pest Control for Mice and Rats

We are noticing an increase of calls from customers who are concerned that rats and mice are inside their homes.  It is not uncommon to notice an increase in rodent activity as the weather cools as the mice and rats make their way inside homes and work places in search of warmth.  You will notice them by either seeing them or their droppings or hearing scuttling noises in your roofs voids and wall voids.  It is best to treat the mice and rats as soon as you can as they re-produce very rapidly.  They are a nuisance pest as not only can they spread disease with their droppings and urine but they can also be quite destructive by chewing through electrical wiring which can be costly to repair and also dangerous!  Don’t be caught with the common mistake of thinking one or two mice are cute as before you know it you will be overwhelmed with many, many more mice.  Give us a call and we will address any rat or mice problem you may have.