Rodent Control

The rodent species we cover when carrying out a rodent control service are rats and mice. A story about rats we can all remember being told when we were younger was the famous Pied Piper a historic tale about the rat catcher who led away a rat infestation with enchanted music. Our pest technicians adopt a different method for rodent removal. We use rodent bait in various types of rodent traps / rodent stations. Below are pictures from rodent baiting stations we have installed, which as you can see are being fed out.

8795855Rodents are a health risk to our community. They can carry and directly transmit diseases and can also pass it to us humans and our pets through their fleas, lice and ticks. Their hair, urine and feces also spread contamination. Rodents can during all seasons invade homes, vehicles and commercial properties. They can cause extensive damage by chewing through wiring in homes, car engines, and workplaces which can in turn cause electrical fires, they pollute the areas, they damage furniture and equipment and cause a terrible smell.
Some interesting rat facts;

  • A rat can produce up to 15,000 descendants in a year (Wow!!!)
  • A rat can squeeze through a hole one quarter of its size
  • A rat can gnaw through lead and aluminium sheeting

If you think you have seen a rat or mice or heard that awful squeaking, gnawing or movement in your ceilings, walls or under floors please contact us for an obligation free quote on how to offer the best rodent control for your home or workplace.

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