Pre Purchase Inspections

Before you purchase your home it is advisable to get a pre purchase termite inspection on the property.  We work alongside building inspectors; with our technician inspecting the home for timber pests and the building inspector carrying out the building inspection.  We recommend having the two inspectors carrying out your inspection as you get two sets of eyes performing two thorough inspections of the property and each inspector is specialised in their own field.  We co-ordinate and carry out the pre purchase pest inspection at the same time as the building inspection.
After the pre purchase pest inspection we issue our client with a Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Detection Report.  This report will advise if the following was found at the time of the inspection;
– evidence of active termites
– evidence of termite activity (including workings) and/or damage
– evidence of a possible previous termite management program
– evidence of chemical delignification damage
– evidence of fungal decay activity and/or damage
– evidence of wood borer activity and/or damage
– evidence of conditions conducive to timber pest attack
– evidence of major safety hazards
and will give recommendations on what can be done to reduce conditions conducive to timber pest attack.

Active termites

Active termites – Schedorhinotermes – found in a stump in a recent pre purchase inspection

For peace of mind it is always best to seek advice from a professional in their own field especially when purchasing a home as this could be the largest investment you ever make.

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