Possum removed from roof in Alexandra Headlands on the Sunshine Coast

We have recently been called to a home to remove a possum from the roof in Alexandra Headlands on the Sunshine Coast.  We trapped the possum in a possum cage, having lured it into the cage with some fruit. below are two photo’s of the captured possum.

Possum trap Sunshine CoastPossum removal Sunshine Coast











Due to the Nature Conservation Regulations we are only able to releases the possum within 25 meters of the point of capture; therefore prior to releasing the possum we repair the known point of entry. After we completed possum proofing the roof we released the possum satisfied that it would not be able to gain entry back into the roof.
Possums are very territorial and if they manage to make a home in your roof it is best to remove them as they can be very noisy at night and will urinate and leave their droppings in your roof void which is not healthy. They can also chew through wiring and aircon ducting in your roof cavities.
If you suspect you have a possum in your roof contact us for an obligation free quote to remove the possum.