Pet Friendly Pest Control

The pesticides we use, when carrying out a pest control treatment in your home, are designed to be applied at low concentration however these concentrations are high enough to be effective in exterminating unwanted pests.  The products are designed around a weight formula therefore the weight of a cockroach, flea or ant, for example, is negligible to that of your pet.  The treated surfaces usually dry quickly and the residue that remains on the surfaces will be toxic to the unwanted pests but do not pose a threat to people or pets.  We do recommend, for peace of mind, that you keep your pets away from the treated surfaces until the surfaces are dry. All products used by Top Choice Pest Control are to Australian Standards and Specifications; they have been tested and approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority in Canberra.  The chemicals have a low toxicity making them pet safe allowing us to offer a Pet Friendly Pest Control Service.