Pest Inspection Sunshine Coast – Termites found

We carry out our Termite Pest Inspections as per the Australian Standards. The pest inspection is a visual inspection; we inspect, if accessible, the building interior, building exterior, roof exterior, roof space, subfloor space, any outbuildings and the site which includes any timber structures such as retaining walls, tree stumps, landscaping, bridges, fences etc. within the property boundaries up to a distance of 50 meters of the building.  We will provide our customer with a report documenting our findings, recommendations and advice.  If required, we use state of the art electronic devices to complement our termite inspection.  We use a Thermal Imaging Camera; this infrared camera can detect what the human eye cannot see as it can detect the heat generated by the foraging termites.  We also use a Termatrac T3i which detects moisture, heat and movement. In the two images below you can see in the image on the right the Termatrac is registering the movements of termite activity in the timber framing in the wall void by the ‘squiggly line movements’ on the screen and the image on the left with the Termatrac positioned just next to the beam there is no activity as there is a straight line on the screen indicating no movement.  The active termites were found when we were carrying out a termite pest inspection to the home; the home owners did not realise they had termites!  Please remember it is important to have your regular pest inspections to protect you number one investment.

Pest Inspection Termatrac

No termite activity

Termite Inspection Termatrac

Termite activity found in the timber framing