Pest Control Sunshine Coast

We carry out pest control services across the Sunshine Coast. After all the rain and as the weather warms up you may notice unwanted pests, give us a call and we can provide you with an obligation free quote on a pest control service. With our general pest control service we target cockroaches, silverfish and webbing spiders. Our treatments includes applying insect growth regulating gel in your kitchen cupboards where we expect cockroaches to be hiding; we carry out a crack and crevice dusting treatment and a liquid skirting treatment; the residual left once the mist has dried will have a long term effect to exterminate those unwanted pests. If we can gain access to your roof void we apply dust into the roof void, this aggravates and gets rid of the pests hiding inside your roof.. We carry out an external perimeter spray of your home and where possible a dust treatment to the weepholes; this targets a broad spectrum of pests, including all those spiders webbing up under your eaves. We offer a 1 year service free warranty with our general pest control service and if the pests come back so do we!

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Internal skirting spray treatment

pest control sunshine coast

External spider treatment