Pest Control Service Sunshine Coast

When we book a general pest control service targeting cockroaches, silverfish and webbing spiders we often get asked by our customer what the service entails and if there is anything they can do prior to the service.

During the service we will carry out;

  • a full crack and crevice dusting treatment
  • a liquid skirting treatment
  • an application of insect growth regulating gel where appropriate
  • apply dust to the roof void (if accessible)
  • a spray to external areas

Prior to the service we recommend;

  • ensure food and dishes are packed away
  • pick up any loose articles lying on the floor
  • turn pet bowls upside down or put them away
  • remove washing from the clothes line
  • keep animals away or tied up or enclosed in an area away from the spraying

All products used in our services have a low toxicity and are family and pet safe.  The products we use have been tested and approved by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority.