Moisture attracts Termites

Termites need moisture to survive and will die if they are exposed to sustained periods of open air or sunlight.  With all the rain we have had recently we advise you to check that you have no moisture build up in and around your home which could attract termites.   Ensure you have no blocked or broken gutters or downpipes as the rain water will not be directed into the drains and this will cause a water / moisture build up at the base of your building.

When we carry out termite inspections we use a moisture meter to check the moisture readings in the home.  We often find high moisture readings in shower areas and we recommend that you reseal the shower area and ensure the bathroom area has adequate ventilation; this will reduce moisture build up.  We also recommend that all aircon overflows and hot water system overflows are re-directed into the nearest drains rather than allow the water to drip to the base of the building.

It is important to reduce any moisture conditions in and around your home as they create conducive conditions for termites to thrive.