Lock termites out

We are often asked how do termites get in as many of us don’t even know they are eating our homes until the damage has happened. The most common termites are subterranean which means they are underground.   Termites live in colonies, the colony has a queen, soldiers, workers and reproductive termites; with each termite having their role in maintaining the colony. The worker termites are sent from the nest in search of food, they will commute between the nest and the food source. Termites find our homes offer an ideal combination of moisture, food and warmth. As the termites eat from the inside of timber and very seldom will break through the surface of the timber you won’t notice any evidence of damage.
Australian Standards recommend at least an annual termite inspection of homes and sometimes we will recommend inspections be carried out at more frequent intervals depending if you have a termite management system in place,  the design & construction of you home and also the surrounding environmental conditions. Our termite inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards AS3660.2. We offer obligation free advice on termite management for your home.