Kawana’s Top Choice Pest Control Sunshine Coast Video Clip

We have created this short video slide to show you the various services our technicians carry out on site;

  • We compliment our visual termite inspections with the use of the Termitrac T3i technology.
  • We carry out termite inspections for residential and commercial customers.  We also perform        pre-purchase inspections.
  • Slide # 3 shows our technician pumping termiticide into the holes he has drilled for a chemical barrier he is installing.
  • Slide # 4 shows our technician drilling the holes for the chemical barrier he is installing, these holes are drilled 200mm apart in accordance with the Australian Standards.
  • During our general pest control service we carry out an external perimeter spray, we apply dust to the roof void and carry out a full crack and crevice dusting treatment, a liquid skirting treatment plus the use of insect growth regulating gel where appropriate.  
  • All products applied by Kawana’s Top Choice Pest Control for your Pest or Termite Management Program have been thoroughly tested and approved by Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.
  • We take pride in our quality and standard of service and look forward to demonstrating this to you.
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