How to help prevent termites

Stats show that one in three buildings will be attacked by termites during their life span.  We strongly recommend termite inspections be carried out at a minimum of twelve monthly intervals and this is also the recommendation of the Australian Standards AS34349-3.  When we carry out the termite inspection we identify visual evidence of termite activity found.  We advise how susceptible your property is to termite attack and make recommendations on what you can do around your property to reduce the risk of termite attack.  We are equipped with the most advanced technology available ~ a Termatrac T3i and a Thermal Imaging Camera which we use if required to compliment the inspection.Thermal imaging camera

Below are some recommendations to reduce the conducive conditions for termite attack in and around your property;

  • remove any stored timber to a distance at least 500mm away from the building edge (preferably dispose of it if not required)
  • fix any leaking taps
  • re-direct aircon or hot water system overflows into drains so they do not drip and create a moisture source at the base of the building
  • ensure vegetation is cut back to a distance approx. 500 mm away from the building edge
  • remove tree stumps in yard
  • ensure any weepholes are clear from debris build up

If you think you have termites do not disturb them or break their lead – give us a call for an obligation free quote or advice.