Flea treatments Sunshine Coast

We carry out flea treatments for customers who are experiencing flea infestations and also for customers who are moving out of their rental property and require an end of lease flea pest control service. Many lease agreements stipulate that at the end of the tenancy you are required to carry out an internal and external pest control service for fleas. When we receive enquiries for end of lease pest control services we always recommend that we carry out the service once the property has been vacated and any carpets have been cleaned. Once we have completed the service we issue a pest management advice which the tenant can give to the property manager as proof the service has been carried out.
When we treat a property that has a flea infestation we request that for optimum results; prior to the service any turfed area is cut back as short as possible and that any animals on the property are treated for fleas on the day of our service. Due to the cycle of the fleas we sometimes have to carry out a follow up treatment to ensure total elimination of the flea infestation.
Flea Treatments Sunshine Coast