Exterra Baiting and Monitoring Termite Management System

We have recommended and installed the Exterra Baiting & Monitoring system to many homes on the Sunshine Coast. The Termite Management System works by installing monitoring stations around the building at 3 meter intervals, this creates a complete termite interception zone. We place timbers and focus inside each station which attracts foraging termites if they are nearby. The stations are monitored on a regular cycle and if we find termites in the stations we then replace the timbers with Requiem bait. The termites find this Requiem bait extremely palatable. Termites take the Requiem bait back to the nest and feed it throughout the colony. The bait contains a chitin inhibitor – when termites moult they require chitin to harden their exoskeleton; without the exoskeleton the termites die. Once we find no more termites feeding in the station we can declare colony elimination!!! We remove the bait from the stations and replace it with the timbers and continue the monitoring of the stations.
In summary this management system is known as an ‘Interception System’ because if termites are in the vicinity of your home they will be attracted into the stations to feed on the timbers rather than your home.

This system is also very effective if we find active termites inside your home. We are able to place a station and bait the termites inside the home, continually feeding the termites the Requiem bait until we have total colony control ie. no more termites feeding on your home. Below is a recent photo of a baiting station that is very active with the termites aggressively feeding on the Requiem Bait

Termites Sunshine Coast