Controlling Moths and Silverfish

Infestations of moths & silverfish can damage your treasured personal belongings and should be prevented in your home or workplace.
The moths larvae cause severe damage to cloths, fabrics, leathers & carpets.  There are many species of moths; clothes moths, grain moths, and Indian meal moths are among the most notable.  You can identify moths by;

  • adult moths are often seen crawling rather than flying
  • their maggot-like larvae (moth caterpillars)
  • their silken tubes or cases in which moth larvae live
  • their silk cocoons (pupae) in which larvae turns into moths

Moth pest controlMoth pest controlThe above pictures show the pest control measures we have taken to control a moth infestation one of our commercial customers were experiencing.  The moth glue boards we installed have a pheromone canister which the moths are attracted to.
Our general pest control services include the treatment for silverfish.  The above top picture is a silverfish; they are a wingless, torpedo-like-shape pest.  Silverfish feed on food and materials high in protein and sugar for example paper on which there is glue in the binding; or starch in clothes.  Some interesting silverfish facts;

  • Silverfish are nocturnal
  • Silverfish run very quickly
  • Silverfish can be found almost anywhere and favour damp conditions
  • Silverfish lay their eggs in cracks and crevices

It’s amazing what damage these harmless appearing insects can cause.

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