Commercial Pest Control

We offer commercial pest control services to a wide range of customers.  We tailor pest management programs to suit each customers requirements.  The pests covered range from cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, rodents, ants, moths, carpet pests, fleas, bedbugs, termites and possum removal (to mention a few).  The treatment plan is determined by the pests being treated and the industry environment as to how often, how and when the treatment is carried out. One of the commercial pest control services we offer is warehouse fogging.  This is an extremely effective way of controlling the unwanted pests in a commercial environment. The fog has a quick knock down effect with no residual trace after a 24 hour period.  The fog fills the air space agitating pests hidden deep in harborages resulting in them coming out from their hiding spots and picking up a lethal dose of py-fog. As the fogging treatment can resemble smoke we notify Queensland Fire & Emergency Services of the fogging treatment as well as place signs on the external doors to notify the public.
Our business, Kawana’s Top Choice Pest Control, hold all the appropriate licences and insurances and all the products we use are to Australian Standards and Specifications and have a low toxicity making them customer and employee safe.  Contact us for a free quote for your commercial pest control service.


warehouse fogging treatment

Warehouse Fogging – Commercial Pest Control

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