Bed Bug Treatment

Before we can carry out a treatment for bed bugs we need to identify that the insect is a bed bug.  To the left and below are pictures of bed bugs ~ they are brown in colour and change to more of a red brown colour after a blood feed.  They are wingless and an oval shape and are approximately 5mm long when fully grown, the younger bed bugs, known as nymphs, are 1-4mm long and paler in colour.  Bed bugs are flat and very thin and can run very fast.

Bed bugs can be very hard to detect as they do not live on humans, they will hide in cracks and crevices, under mattresses and floorboards; basically in any dark sheltered place.  They are attracted to us as hosts by our warmth and carbon dioxide and feed on our blood.  The bed bugs bite marks are a result of them  piercing our skin and sucking our blood.  They can survive for quiet sometime without a feed and as a result can be transported in luggage and furniture and be bought into your home where they can begin to infest.

We carry out a very intense and thorough program to eliminate bed bugs.  Contact us if you are concerned you may have bedbugs in your home.
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