Bed Bug Pest Control Sunshine Coast

A bed bug is a small, oval shaped, flat, thin and wingless pest and it can run extremely fast.  A bed bug is brown in colour, the brown changes to a reddish colour after a feed.  A bed bug does not grow much larger than 5mm in length.  When we get called to investigate whether a customer has bed bugs, the first thing we need to do is identify the pest.  Bed bugs can be extremely hard to find as they hide in the cracks and crevices, mattresses, furniture – anywhere dark.  They are attracted to us humans as we are hosts to their feed.  Bed bugs bite humans by piercing our skins to suck out our blood.  Bed bugs can be bought into our homes in luggage and clothing as they can survive for long periods of time without feeding.  Bedbugs breed rapidly and can spread throughout the home very quickly.  We put together a thorough treatment plan to eliminate bedbugs and carry out an intensive service to rid bed bugs from your home.