Banish Rats and Mice

As the weather is cooling we are getting calls from customers asking us to help them get rid of the rats and mice they are either seeing or hearing scuttling around in their roof voids and wall cavities. It is very common at this time of year during the cold winter nights to notice and hear the pesky rodents as they leave their traditional burrows in seek of the warmth indoors. Rodents continue to feed through the winter months so we can successfully bait them out of your home. Rats mark their territory by urinating around their nest which becomes a health risk for you and your family if they are living inside your home. Rats are also known to be a safety hazard as they chew through the plastic covering wiring exposing the wiring which not only could result in house fires but also in costly repair bills to replace your electrical cabling. We strongly recommend residents and business owners to call us if they hear unusual scampering sounds and we can eliminate the unwanted pests and prevent them from causing any damage to your property.